My Sun My Moon Photography: Blog en-us (C) My Sun My Moon Photography (My Sun My Moon Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT My Sun My Moon Photography: Blog 80 120 New Year 2019 Hey guys! You missed me didn't you? I mean who can blame you, of course you would miss my sass. But on another note. I'm back! Every Friday I will be here to answer questions, tell stories, and give you the nitty gritty of My Sun My Moon (Spoiler: It involves the fact that I am personally paying for the Health Care of all Red Bull employees due to my severe addiction and need to get through the day).


So the new title will be Friday with Fridays. So what will we be talking about today? The New Year of course. No I'm not going to tell you have to get in that size 2 dress while I sit here eating whole sleeve of Oreos (Don't judge! My dogs just watched this with wonder and sheer pride in their eyes). No this is more related to the fact that Sam and I as a business have grown so tremendously so now we are setting in new years goals.

We want you to hear our voice more. We love meeting new people everyday. At first, honestly it was scary. Are they going to like me, will they be nice, did I remember deodorant? But everyone that we have met has been amazing and taught us to grow to who we want to be.

We want to use this opportunity to tell you about our crazy adventures, collaborations, and what's to come soon.  So stayed tuned and be sure to check us out every Friday. With "Fridays with Friday".

*Did you guys see what I did there? **nudge nudge** Clever huh?!



Friday Ebersohl

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Why Winona Ryder Is My Spirit Animal For those that know me well or have worked with us here at My Sun My Moon know that I am a full blown city girl. I am not talking about a heel wearing, hair constantly done, big jewelry city girl. What I mean is that I love noise. The noise of people, cars and normal day to day noises. Now some love the peace of the country and don't get me wrong I adore it now but truth be told its scary as F@#% . I mean the first night in our new home I thought a scene from the movie Deliverance was playing out in my backyard. Come to find out it was actually my neighbors goats wandering into our field and going at it. Needless to say my husband returned home late that night to me in the corner rocking in fetal position begging him to see what the hell was going on outside. Now I will be the first to say I put on a front. When we go outdoors in the woods for pictures I am Katniss in The Hunger Games ready to kill shit with a bow. But then a bunny rabbit will make a noise and I have officially lost my s%*$. What better way to explain this than with my Spirit Animal Winona Ryder:


Now imagine me trying to decide if I should fight or flight. Now Katniss, she would have fought, my ass, my ass would have fled. Now I know Sam has captured this image perfectly. As seen below.




So after this capture of sheer terror, Sam will inform me its just a rabbit, squirrel, enter name of ridiculously cute animal here. So I being the badass I am will go further into the spot where she is going to take the shot, shooing away these devil beasts and Sam will look at me like a proud parent and say good job and I reply with:





This right here in this moment where Winona Ryder has no idea what the hell is going on is why Winona Ryder is and forever will be my spirit animal.



Friday Ebersohl

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And so it begins! Hi all!

Okay so let me be honest. I am so excited to start this blog. I so very much enjoy writing. I have done short stories and have even finished a novel, which (fingers crossed) may one day be published. But this blog is about Sam McCann and I and the adventures we’ve had. Some will be solo adventures, some group adventures and some that happened as far back as 1988.

First let me tell you about myself and Sam. Sam is the creative genius, the beautiful face behind the camera, a full time mom (guys that’s not easy!), a Girl Scout leader (who has won awards on literally how awesome she is) and last but most definitely not least my best friend. Sam and I met at a Girl Scout meeting when our girls were in Daisies. Let me be honest Sam is always put together so well while I am over in the corner praying to the gods that I remembered deodorant. So when I first met her I was a little intimidated. I mean here is a woman who literally can do it all. And I am not saying this cause she is my bestie. We first started hanging out when we realized that we were both nerds and LOVED musicals. I went with her to her first Comic-con. But I knew we were going to be besties the moment I looked at her when we were running late to see Mamma Mia and said, "If we don’t want to miss the beginning of the show we need to take off our heels and run barefoot". I knew this was a huge thing to ask. I mean who wants to run barefoot in St. Louis, in February when its 33 degrees outside? My best friend that’s who! So since then we have been very close.

Our daughters are also best friends. They met in Pre-K and it was friendship at first "hey I like your mustache you made". That is a story for another time. They are just as weird as their mothers and we LOVE it! And then there’s me.

HI! My name is Friday Ebersohl (yes you read that right), I am the assistant. Not only that but I am a banker by day and a baker/mother/personal assistant/chauffer every other time of the day. I am the caffeinated crazy woman behind Sam while she is snapping who will make sure your kids smile and even manage to get a smile out of you because I literally look like a nut job. In the end though you get your pictures and you smile cause you will always remember the nut job who helped your family laugh to capture this amazing moment.

Being Sam’s assistant is amazing. It’s awesome to work with my best friend. During the day I am a banker. I am a very organized person so I love being able to incorporate that into my job and personal life. I moved to Cobden about 4 years ago. I did not know anyone. Now through photography people know me and I have Sam to thank for that. My daughter has thrived here in Cobden and that’s what makes it perfect. I was raised a city girl. My father was in the Air Force so I have lived everywhere from California to Italy. I have a strong Italian family heritage that I adore. Now living in the country is definitely not what I thought it would be. More stories on that as well in the future.

Now I warn you this blog will contain nerdy things! Everything from the parties we have, the photos we take, the crafts we create to the goodies we bake. Buckle up kids it’s going to be a fun and wild ride.






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