I am a photography loving, book addicted, caffeine fueled, devout mother and nerd extremist. I am 34 years old currently and growing up as an art obsessed child I first started photography at the age of 15. I live for the creative things. I love bringing games and play to my work; as I am just a big hearted kid at the core of it all. I love to capture those moments we all almost miss, the ones that give you all of the feels, or a new perspective. I specialize in weddings and families, but do love when I get to squeeze in freelance, business, lifestyle, or adventure sessions. 


I am feeling and vibe obsessed. My main goal in my photography and art is to capture moments that make you feel something when you look at them. Everyone can take a snapshot. Everyone can say cheese. I want people who don't even know you to stop and think wow. I want those giggles, snuggles, and even the tears. I want to look for the cute things your kids or partner does that make you melt. I want to help you take your event or business to a new polished vibe that captures what you experience when there, with all the magic. 


If you can't tell, I like to have fun, but I do have a buckled down side too. I adore this job and take it very seriously. I strive to make our costumers walk away feeling like the portraits themselves were a great memory and event in their own right. I've met so many friends through my career and always have a smile to greet you!

I am a professional, but I'm still friendly enough to help you ease your nerves, even if it's by getting you to laugh at/with me. In other words I'm not stuffy! I am told often that I can't help feeling like a old friend, and I love that connection we can quickly make. If your looking for someone to help put you at ease and sincerely care about your special moment. Someone who can look at it with a unique view. I'll be looking forward to your message. 


Thank you again for considering us,

Samantha McCann


Samantha McCann, (born June 1, 1988, Carbondale, Illinois, U.S.), residing in Cobden, Illinois. An American portraiture artist; known for her dramatic, relaxed, yet moving portraits of a great variety of inspiration. Creator, lead photographer, storyteller, and owner of My Sun, My Moon Photography, she has built a brand that stands out with emotion and editorial flare. She has been practicing her art through photography for going on 20 years, but has been an artist in several mediums since a young age. She also does freelance, editorial, and advertising work. She specializes in so much more than just weddings and families, her passion has taken her to all kinds of events and leaves her seeking for the next story she can tell.