We are a duo of photography loving, book addicted, caffeine fueled, devout mother's and nerd extremist. We worship the greats such as The Doctor, explore mystical worlds with wizards, compare powers with superhero's, and surpass our children's excitement at Disney cartoons. We can admit this, we can own up to the fact that when we wear our marauders map shoes the PTO mom's need a minute to take it all in. In fact I can personally say I've had to defend my, 'My Little Pony' notebook to my girl scout troop. We do all kinds of photography, from newborns to full weddings and everything in between. In fact if you have a session in mind, try us! We've even done birthday parties for 12 year olds, scary right? We run an Etsy page for our random nerd crafts and seriously just enjoy the act of creating art. We understand that we are not your average photographers, but we like that. We look at our sessions in as uniquely as we live our lives. 

If you can't tell we like to have fun, but we have a buckled down side too. We take our job very seriously and strive to make our costumers walk away feeling like the portraits themselves were a great memory. We really are best friends and always have a smile to greet you.

Samantha McCann, (born June 1, 1988, Carbondale, Illinois, U.S.), American photographer known for her dramatic, relaxed, yet moving portraits of a great variety of inspiration. Our lead photographer and has been practicing her art for going on 16 years. She has been shooting in all natural light and hand editing since the beginning. She specializes in so much more than just weddings and families, her passion has taken her to all kinds of events and leaves her seeking for the next story she can tell. 

By day Friday Ebersohl, manages a bank, by evening/weekends she is our second shooter, kid wrangler/smile maker, and booking secretary. She also helps coordinate the marketing firm AlterEgo Marketing. 


We are professionals, but are still friendly enough to help you ease your nerves, even if it's by getting you to laugh at/with us. In other words we are not stuffy, we feel strive and honestly can't help feeling like a old friend. If your looking for someone to help put you at ease and sincerely care about your special moment, we'll be looking forward to your message. 


Thank you for your interest, 

Samantha McCann & Friday Ebersohl